Week 10 KPI Epilogue: “Ranking Resumes”

Whether good or bad, the KPI algorithm ranks resumes, not necessarily teams. Last winter, I got into the discussion as to whether people who predicted the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament bracket were trying to predict what the committee was going to do or what they thought the committee SHOULD do.  […]


Week 9 KPI Epilogue: “And Now The Storm”

College Football Play-off Committee, you’re on the clock.  All data leading into this week’s release of the committee’s first ballot is calculated. And as stated in this week’s prologue, a precedent is about to be set.  Fair or not, fans will have a better feel as to what parts of […]

Week 8 KPI Epilogue: “Taking Shape”

The KPI Rankings are taking shape.  It’s becoming easier to see where things are going, and where the pitfalls likely lie.  Plugging the expected score of every remaining game into the rankings is very telling.  Upsets are possible.  Clarity is coming.  So is some controversy, but maybe not as much […]

Week 7 KPI Epilogue: “Outliers Be Damned”

Just because one team beat another doesn’t mean they have to be ranked ahead of them.  Right? In this week’s KPI Rankings, TCU remains ahead of Baylor and Oregon moves ahead of Arizona despite the lower-ranked team having beaten the higher-ranked team in the last ten days.  What that means […]

Week 6 KPI Epilogue: “M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I”

The week of college football lived up to the hype. Boy, did it ever. The state of Mississippi was the center of the college football universe Saturday, and the two SEC schools from the state both beat top-10 foes on the same day for the first time ever. Next week, […]