Week 15 KPI FBS Epilogue: “The Decision”

Decision Day is here.  And frankly, there are six teams with an argument and Year One of football’s version of a selection process will not be clean after all. First things first, the College Football Selection Committee is a distinguished group of people who want to get this right.  They […]

Week 15 KPI FBS Prologue – “Last Call”

This weekend’s results can make things very easy or very difficult for the committee.  There’s no real middle ground. Most would agree that Alabama, Oregon, and Florida State are in with a win (all are in the top five of the KPI Rankings).  Most would agree there are as many […]


Week 14 KPI Epilogue: “Tough Calls”

Several things happened on Saturday that could trigger the College Football Playoff Selection Committee to set some precedent for decisions in their first year: J.T. Barrett Injury:  Injuries are part of the game.  And certainly everyone hopes that J.T. Barrett is back healthy very quickly. The Barrett injury is already […]

Week 13 KPI Epilogue: “Home Stretch”

The season is finally far enough along where we can look at some real “if this team wins” and “if this team loses” scenarios. Of seven championship games to be played, only one matchup has been determined.  All others have at least part of the conference title up for grabs […]

Week 11 KPI Epilogue: “Clarity?”

The SEC West now holds the top four spots in the KPI rankings.  Here’s why: First off, the SEC West is not getting four teams in the playoff. The SEC West is dominating the rankings because they collective went 26-0 in the non-conference and 36-1 against non-SEC West teams. All […]