D-I Men’s College Basketball Resumes

KPI ranks team resumes by assigning a value to each game played. The best win possible is worth about +1.0, the worst loss about -1.0, and a virtual tie at 0.0.  Adjustments are made to each game’s value based on location of the game, opponent quality, and percentage of total points scored.  Game values are added together and divided by games played for a team’s KPI ranking.  By ranking games, a team’s schedule can be sorted from best win to worst loss and a team’s KPI can be broken out into categories (KPI in Home Games, KPI in Conference Games, etc.).  All games (including those against Non D-I schools) are quantified and begins each season at zero. KPI Rankings are designed to rank resumes and not necessarily who is the better team. The ranking is intended to forecast where a team would be seeded in the NCAA Tournament were to start TODAY, not necessarily on Selection Sunday.

As of Sunday, March 13, 2016 | 6:00 PM EDT (END OF REGULAR SEASON)

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