WEEK 3 #KPI (as of 9/15/13)

Now we’re getting somewhere.  We’re not going to determine a national champion off three weeks of data, but meaningful KPI numbers are starting to develop. KPI NEWS AND NOTES No. 1 Alabama has two of the top-10 wins on the board and is atop the KPI by a considerable margin.  […]

WEEK 2 #KPI (as of 9/8/13)

Two weeks into the season and there is a little bit more clarity, but not much.  At this early stage, the best way to increase your KPI is to beat a team who won their other game.  That will hold true less and less as more data is collected over […]

WEEK 1 #KPI (as of 9/3/13)

It’s early, so there’s no need to be alarmed by the #KPI math through Week 1.  Every team who won last week has a strength of schedule of .000 (their only opponent is 0-1) and every team who lost has a strength of schedule of 1.000 (their only opponent is […]


The college football season is underway!  For television information on games, reference mattsarzsports.com at http://mattsarzsports.com/Schedule/Weekly?week=1&sportYear=football2013. The following is data as to what the value of each team’s winning or losing Week 1 would have based on 2012 regular season data.  Remember, these are based on last year’s numbers (which are irrelevant […]


Welcome to the online home of the #KPI.  This day has been 10 years in the making, and I’ve finally decided to share a formula and data that has helped shape how I’ve thought about sports for a long time. Over time, I will prove through analytics how precise and […]