KPI Study: Comparing the KPI to the RPI

The below chart compares each Division I men’s basketball team’s KPI to their RPI through games of February 4, 2015.

The RPI is calculated by taking 25% of a team’s winning percentage, 50% their opponent’s winning percentage and 25% their opponent’s opponent’s winning percentage.  Adjustments are made for home and away games (road wins and home losses are worth 1.4, while road losses and home wins are worth 0.6).

The KPI, however, is calculated on a game by game basis.  This allows a team’s resume to rank games best to worst as well as be far more specific in its overall accuracy in ranking a team’s resume.  The formula incorporates Opponent’s Winning Percentage, Opponent’s Strength of Schedule, the Game Result, Scoring Margin, Pace of Game, Location of Game (Home/Away/Neutral) and the Opponent’s KPI Ranking.  The value for each game is divided by games played for the overall KPI Ranking.  No data is predetermined (like the RPI factors of 1.4, etc.), rather those adjustments are dictated by all Division I games played to date.

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