WEEK 2 #KPI (as of 9/8/13)

Two weeks into the season and there is a little bit more clarity, but not much.  At this early stage, the best way to increase your KPI is to beat a team who won their other game.  That will hold true less and less as more data is collected over the next few weeks.


  • Top-5 by Conference: 1. SEC (21-6, .082 KPI); 2. Big Ten (21-3, .075 KPI); 3. Pac-12 (16-4, .072 KPI); 4. ACC (18-7, .057 KPI); 5. Big 12 (13-5, .025 KPI)
  • The top two wins on the board belong to Oklahoma State (56-35 win at Texas-San Antonio on Sept. 7) and Oregon (59-10 win at Virginia on Sept. 7).  By no coincidence, they are two of the 18 teams to win a road game against a team who is 1-1.
  • 44% of all games involving an FBS team have been played against FCS teams.  The 11 wins (11-55, .167) already surpasses the 10 FCS wins over FBS competition all of last season.

Updated data is linked below in PDF form:

#KPI by Team (through Week 2): http://www.kpisports.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/2013-14-master-schedule-football-by-team-week-2.pdf

#KPI by Conference (through Week 2): http://www.kpisports.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/2013-14-master-schedule-football-by-conference-week-2.pdf

#KPI Results/TV Schedule (through Week 2): http://www.kpisports.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/2013-14-master-schedule-football-by-game-week-2.pdf

This is the #KPI.

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