Week 4 KPI Epilogue: “Real Data”

I would rather analyze what has happened than try and predict what will happen.  Maybe that’s just me. Predicting is fun, but final resumes will be analyzed by who actually wins and not who should have won (see Auburn, 2013). That said, we now are finally starting to have enough […]

Week 4 KPI Prologue: “The Divisions”

When realignment hit and the size of conferences grew, the number of conference games played did not increase for most leagues.  As a result, there were more conference rivals not playing one another and a greater divide between the divisions in conferences that have been split in two. So, as […]

Week 3 KPI Epilogue: “The SEC Method”

Why is the SEC data so good? The SEC is 32-7 (.821). They are 27-2 (.931) in the non-conference.  They are scoring 39.8 PPG and allowing just 19.4 PPG.  Their margin of victory is +20.5 PPG.  They have the best KPI among conferences by a wide margin (.164 to the […]

Week 3 KPI Prologue: “Mismatch”

Through two weeks of college football, the average margin in FBS games is 24.2 points! As the College Football Playoff begins, there has been a deeper analysis (and often criticism) of non-conference scheduling.  Forget the complaining for a minute, and let’s get down to the real data. The average margin […]

Week 2 Epilogue: The Full Story on the Big Ten

Don’t be both easy and lazy with the narrative week.  The easy story from Week 2 is how bad of a week it was for the Big Ten.  Sure, there’s some truth to it – the week certainly wasn’t ideal for several Midwestern schools. Teams in the conference combined to […]