MBB Data Points: February 16, 2015

KPI Rankings by Team: http://www.kpisports.net/rankings/kpibasketball/ KPI Rankings by Conference: http://www.kpisports.net/data/d-mens-college-basketball-conference-data/ KPI Team By Team Resumes: http://www.kpisports.net/data/d-mens-college-basketball-resumes/ KPI DIFFs Algorithm Rankings: http://www.kpisports.net/diffs/d-mens-basketball-diffs/ TV Schedule: http://www.kpisports.net/on-tv/college-basketball/ Strength of Schedule: #3 Kansas (21-4, 10-2 Big 12), .195 SOS #13 Oklahoma (17-8, 8-5 Big 12), .157 SOS #22 Georgetown (16-8, 8-5 Big East), .155 […]

MBB Data Points: February 9, 2015

Round Robin:  This year, both the Big 12 and Big East have been helped by playing a true round robin conference schedule.  The Big 12 finished No. 1 and the Big East No. 2 in non-conference KPI, helping lead both conference’s conference-only KPI to also be No. 1 and No. […]

KPI Study: Comparing the KPI to the RPI

The below chart compares each Division I men’s basketball team’s KPI to their RPI through games of February 4, 2015. The RPI is calculated by taking 25% of a team’s winning percentage, 50% their opponent’s winning percentage and 25% their opponent’s opponent’s winning percentage.  Adjustments are made for home and away […]

MBB Data Points: February 2, 2015

Quality Wins Bunched At The Top:  Of the top nine wins so far this season, Duke has three and Kentucky and Virginia have two apiece.   Miami (at Duke) and Richmond (at VCU) are the other two that snuck in there.  Quality wins of such an extreme nature put all three […]

MBB Data Points: January 19, 2015

Expected W-L:  The “expected” win-loss records for each team are now available on the KPI Rankings page.  These are calculated from the EXPs algorithm.  Other than the team “Non D-I” (Actual Record: 6-409, Expected Record: 0-415), Loyola-MD has overachieved their expected record by more wins than any other team.  14 […]