D-I Men’s Basketball Managers Resumes

These KPI Rankings rank the resumes of the manager teams that often play the night before the “real games” across D-I Men’s Basketball. All scores submitted to @B1GManagerHoops are recorded and made part of the rankings.  The Manager Hoop League also has a blog that can be found here.  If any scores are missing or incorrect, please tweet at @B1GManagerHoops so the game result may be corrected.

KPI ranks team resumes by assigning a value to each game played. The best win possible is worth about +1.0, the worst loss about -1.0, and a virtual tie at 0.0.  Adjustments are made to each game’s value based on location of the game, opponent quality, and percentage of total points scored.  Game values are added together and divided by games played for a team’s KPI ranking.  By ranking games, a team’s schedule can be sorted from best win to worst loss and a team’s KPI can be broken out into categories (KPI in Home Games, KPI in Conference Games, etc.).

As of Sunday, March 6, 2016 | 06:00 PM EST (End of Regular Season)

D-I Men’s Basketball Manager RankingsD-I Men’s Basketball Manager Resumes | Manager Games Postseason Tournament to Debut in March

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