MBB Data Points: February 9, 2015

Round Robin:  This year, both the Big 12 and Big East have been helped by playing a true round robin conference schedule.  The Big 12 finished No. 1 and the Big East No. 2 in non-conference KPI, helping lead both conference’s conference-only KPI to also be No. 1 and No. […]

KPI Study: Comparing the KPI to the RPI

The below chart compares each Division I men’s basketball team’s KPI to their RPI through games of February 4, 2015. The RPI is calculated by taking 25% of a team’s winning percentage, 50% their opponent’s winning percentage and 25% their opponent’s opponent’s winning percentage.  Adjustments are made for home and away […]

MBB Data Points: January 19, 2015

Expected W-L:  The “expected” win-loss records for each team are now available on the KPI Rankings page.  These are calculated from the EXPs algorithm.  Other than the team “Non D-I” (Actual Record: 6-409, Expected Record: 0-415), Loyola-MD has overachieved their expected record by more wins than any other team.  14 […]

MBB Data Points: January 13, 2015

Upset Sunday:  Arizona, Duke, and Wisconsin all lost on Sunday yet all remained in the KPI Top 10 Rankings.  All three losses were on the road to three teams who have a combined record of 33-16. Virginia vs. Kentucky:  Virginia has three of the top 11 wins of the season […]

MBB Data Points: January 5, 2015

Kentucky: Forget what the Wildcats might do for now, instead let’s focus on what they have done.  UK is the No. 1 defensive team and No. 9 offensive team by the DIFFs algorithm.  They have five wins against the KPI Top 50 by an average margin of 17.2 PPG. Big […]