Week 12 KPI Prologue – “Strength of Schedule”

The hot topic this week?  Strength of schedule.  How is it computed?  How much is it factored by the selection committee? KPI math can solve this problem.  And it all goes back to the 2013-14 Wichita State men’s basketball team.  First though, let’s look at more traditional strength of schedule […]

Week 11 KPI Epilogue: “Clarity?”

The SEC West now holds the top four spots in the KPI rankings.  Here’s why: First off, the SEC West is not getting four teams in the playoff. The SEC West is dominating the rankings because they collective went 26-0 in the non-conference and 36-1 against non-SEC West teams. All […]

Week 11 KPI Prologue – “Revisionist History”

What if the BCS formula was used to decide the top four teams each of the last 16 years? The answers (and the trends) may prove to be surprising. The College Football Playoff Committee has shown through its first two sets of top 25 rankings that teams are loosely ordered […]

Week 10 KPI Epilogue: “Ranking Resumes”

Whether good or bad, the KPI algorithm ranks resumes, not necessarily teams. Last winter, I got into the discussion as to whether people who predicted the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament bracket were trying to predict what the committee was going to do or what they thought the committee SHOULD do.  […]

Week 10 KPI Prologue – “Committee Math”

As expected, the first College Football Playoff committee rankings shed a light into the committee’s thought process to date and provided insight as to how the top four teams will ultimately be chosen. First and foremost, as pointed out by several on Twitter, conference championships will be a key component, […]